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MEN 68% - WOMEN 48%

At age 65 a persons chance of needing aged care  during their remaining lifetime is,

Help you create a clear plan for aged care

Family discussions to minimize disputes.

Evaluate the options and strategies for your accommodation payment.

Help you identify whats important to achieve your goals and preferences.

Review your financial situation and help you evaluate what you can afford.

Develop strategies to optimise your financial position .

Review you your estate plan to avoid unintended consequences.

OUr support

our services

The Advice Process

At Integrity Wealth, we understand that sometimes assistance is needed to help you live in your home or to help you make the changes required because of the impacts of ageing on your situation. Our specialist consultants will work collaboratively with you and your family to find the best care options for you.   read more...

Options For A New Lifestyle

Clients who can no longer live in their own homes could be approved for:

• Permanent residential care

• Respite (temporary residential care

• Transition care   

Residential Aged Care

You and your family can start searching for an appropriate facility and put your name on the waiting list before the ACAT/ACAS approval.  The search may take a while, so it truly is “the sooner the better”.  read more...

Retirement Living

If you want to spend less time looking after the house and yard or want to live in a community of like-minded people (while enjoying a lifestyle that includes a whole range of activities and socialising) a retirement village may be a good option.   read more...

Home Care Packages

Older clients who are finding it difficult to live in their homes without help may be suitable for home care packages. The support of these packages may allow them to stay in their home longer and avoid the need to move into residential aged care.    read more...

Estate Planning & Superannuation

A Will might just be the most important legal document you will ever sign.  It protects your most important assets… your family.

Meanwhile, superannuation is an integral part of your financial plan at any stage of life but particularly in our senior years.    read more...


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